How Important is Capacity?

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Side note digress:

Clint stated that during filming of the Dirty Harry movies his wrists would be in a lot of pain.. he fired so many blanks in .44 Mag that by the end of the film day he couldnt hold a pencil sometimes.
Shooting blanks is like shooting .22 cal. Not the first time. I think Eastwood has the problem of believing he's the guy in the script after the film is completed. Ronald Reagan is the best example of this particular kind of actor. He was always telling WWII experience stories that were really from films he made.
Capacity is a very important sales tool for guns. But practice is the most important thing. I don't think a good, level-headed shooter needs more than 12 rounds for two people. That said, only one of my handguns holds 12. The rest are between 16 and 22.
I love your belt and suspenders approach to self defense. 😁