How to make the United States united again?

Parochial Schools are out then, correct?
No...I clearly said "public" schools, and parochial schools are not public schools.

Let's try not to put words into others mouths.

Plus, church's are also for kids religious education through Sunday schools.
No...I clearly said "public" schools, and parochial schools are not public schools.

Let's try not to put words into others mouths.

Plus, church's are also for kids religious education through Sunday schools.
Well excuse me then!

Plus, church's Sunday schools are not for my children's "religious" education.
Well excuse me then!

Plus, church's Sunday schools are not for my children's "religious" education.
Never said/told you to rely on church schools for your family.

Excellent speech on the floor of the US House of Representatives on this very topic.

It’s a little long but worth the time in my opinion. Addresses the topic in this thread very directly. You may disagree with what he says, but he speaks for a lot of Americans, myself included.

Agreed; except the Father/family, in the home, is the proper place for Spiritual guidance, the Church's are for Worship.

And Religion is worth nothing; Salvation & Faith is the tap root of living in society and Eternal Life.

Parochial Schools are out then, correct?
Many people of different faiths or none at all enroll their kids into parochial schools because their education tends to be a higher quality. But, it isn't always or worth the price. Some parochial schools are about the same as public schools. It may depend on the area and denomination.
Your concern for the covid deaths would be admirable if you showed the same concern for the unborn children who are killed each year in our country.
Or car crashes, medical malpractice, cancer, flu, etc etc etc....
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🤔 Threads always take on a whole new meaning (lack of meaning?) when the following "note" is interspersed within the conversation:

When a fact is troubling, marginalize it with confusion. True that many COVID deaths have co-morbidity factors, still those people would likely still be alive had they not contracted the disease.
Now you're a fortune teller?

How much longer would they have been alive?

I'll show myself out.
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What lead to what? What lead to the effects of "Latchkey" kids and our poor educational systems? Some of it may be unseen, unintended effects of the women's rights movement of moms getting out into the workplace more often and someone not being at home tending to our kids and other needs, thereby letting some schools run almost rampant in their ideology? As far as I'm concerned people are people, good or not, we're people 1st. Anything else is secondary, including gender.

This is just personal theory and observation other than effects seen and felt.
Used to be, moms stayed home and tended to kids and other very important home family matters there such as PTA and other school concerns. In that scenario as well, dads were generally too worn out after a long work day to attend PTA and tend to other family needs usually until weekends, so that generally left the moms to fend for kids and other family needs at home five days a week. They both worked hard for the kids and family, each doing their parts to help the family grow. That was the very important norm in many places. Families together bind society together. It was a balance.
" ...................................... "
I've edited BobM's post here in the interest of space ..... but every word of his original is worth reading and absorbing !!

This in a nutshell pretty much says it !!! Yes, there are varied and sundry other conditions that have added to the current situation, but these couple paragraphs hit that proverbial nail right on the head. Our current situation is a result of a vicious cycle, a never ending cycle of events and happenings that feed one of the other and continually get more dramatic.

And until we as a society realize and understand this, it will only get worse. Between these circumstances and the continued indoctrination of our younger kids to believe ours is a bad and unscrupulous country, it will continue to get worse. We must take back control of our local school systems so that we not only know what is being taught, but have a substantial say in what is being taught. Knowing and understanding that POTUS has elected to weaponize the "FBI" ....... the "FBI" for god's sake!!! against any parents who dare take a stand against many of the local school boards around the country when some tears ago these same boards invited parents to become involved in their kid's curriculum. That drastic change should be an alarm to every one of us there's something not right.

And right along with this, we must take control of our families again. Remove the extreme impulse to provide our kids with every new feature found in 'social media' and teach them that they can and will survive without FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you don't understand why I'm saying this, just watch a few minutes of a string of TikToc videos some of these kids are publishing. And while watching, keep in mind these kids (8-10-12 yrs old to early adults) are tomorrows leaders of this country. Then ask yourself if what you've seen is indicative of the kinds of minds and mindsets that can/will be able to protect and maintain our great country as we've done for more than 200 years now. Just ask yourself if you think they will be able to maintain it for another 200 years. I dare say they won't unless we do our part.

Have ten year old, reads constantly, (fast & excellent comprehension) fiction and non fiction at mature levels, does long hand algebra (two pages, no calculator), speaks two languages, excellent cursive, plays piano at the college level ( her instructor is college music professor ), is polite and non rebellious, good at drawing/art.

Yet, she may not be "gifted" so what do we think are contributing factors to her progress?

1. Never a babysitter, never left overnight anywhere but home, never in "day care(less)", no "kindergarten" no "pajama parties". Goes with Mom & Dad for exposure and socialization; if children are not allowed then Mom & Dad have no business there either.

2. NO TV! NO "playstation". No cell phone. No (Un)social media. No Shuck & Jive Rappa Krappa. Screen time is for learning such things as keyboarding/academics and is strictly limited. Loves Russian Ballet, Bolero, Andre Rieu and so on, but we do get a laugh from some things on YouTube and The Three Stooges. We do nature. She appreciates a sky full of stars, moon glow, an owl hoot and coyotes singing, buck snorts, croaks/chirps/criks, the gold of morning, and has no problem with silence. We peruse the Bible and the Constitution.

3. Home schooled. Well adjusted. Peer pressure/bullying not an issue (but she is being taught it will happen and how to deal with it). She knows "cigarettes & smoking" is a chemical addiction. That alcohol and late hours hold no good thing.
I have impressed on her she can never fully know what is going on behind another set of eyes. And that she must practice the word No! and assert herself to others that will want to control/deprive/persuade her in a wrong direction.
Hold on there.......when appropriate she makes her own choices, sees the results of them. We stress such minute things as never throw so much as a gum wrapper out the vehicle window.

4. Fashion, popularity, keeping up/keeping ahead, always new/always best, cellophane society, fake news, not important.
Have confidence in yourself no matter what others say/think. Compromising values for friends is a loser.

5. Mom and Dad Love you and are proud of you and will always stand with you, even if/when you make errors or wrong choices. When you are of age and on your own, we may disagree with a choice you make, and we will give our opinion, but, OUR LOVE AND HELP IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Now. Somebody is going to call this child abuse, that our child is being "deprived", "controlled" and so on. We expect that in todays society. We stand firm.
Far, far from child abuse. She may not always see the real value at some point now and then, but she will in the long run. We as parents all have our limits with our kids and what we'll allow, and those limits are decided by ourselves. But we also have certain responsibilities to our kids. The question we must all answer is which one we'll put the most effort into. (y) (y)(y) It sure looks like you and mom have made the right decisions.

I personally was raised by a step-dad from the time I was about 3 yrs old and sometimes felt like he didn't treat me as fairly as he did his 3 bio-kids, all younger than me ....... that he was sometimes harder on me because I wasn't his biologically. However, as I grew older I became more and more aware of just how good he was to me and the things he taught me. Especially how much easier it would have been for him to just 'let me run loose'. I'm so thankful now for the way he raised me and I can see the real reasons that he treated me differently back then. Your daughter will see at some point, if she hasn't already, that you do what you do out of love for her.

I've said many, many times, I'm so thankful I was raised by a good man who 'took the time' to teach me right from wrong and to have respect for authority, for my elders, and most of all for myself. If I could have hand picked my step-dad, I couldn't in a million years have picked a better one.

Many kudos to you and mom !!!
OP...nothing. Politics is not about talking any longer. That is old school.

No compromise with dems. Not possible. With dems you have 2 ways to do things. You do it their way or you do it their way. Dems goal is to disarm America and turn it into a socialist utopia or worse. That is it.
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I'm going to take a risk with this post, knowing it could go off the rails but hoping we can all be civil and productive. I'll ask posters to not soapbox on any particular party or specific issue and keep it on target. I've been giving a lot of thought to how we can make the United States united again. I'm from the Minneapolis Metro area and I also spend a lot of time in rural northern Minnesota. They are very different worlds and they don't have much respect for each other or understanding for each other. I see it across the rest of the country, too, depicted in various forms of media. I'd really hoped the pandemic would get us all pulling in the same direction but politics used the pandemic to actually make division worse. I'm sure most of you have seen this, too, and are probably similarly worried about it. It's going to be bad for us as a country if we keep pulling father apart. Left vs right, rural vs urban, north vs south, etc.

My experience with people on here has shown us to be a largely respectful group with a wide variety of valuable insights on many topics. I'm curious what the members think we can do. What do you think could start bridging the divisions in our country? How can we get people in this country to look at other people as fellow citizens, not opponents?
Simple answer: TRUMP 2024.
May not unite but will MAGA.
Unless Tucker Carlson runs, will vote for him.
In all seriousness, do you actually think the country was in any way united under trump? Or are you trolling? The topic of this thread was "how to make the United States united," not "what party do you prefer?".
I don't do "Parties" nor prefer any of them.
Vote for the Candidate only, not the "Party"
Despite that being the case, you are still missing the point of the thread. It's about how to bring unity to the U.S. Neither a trump presidency nor a Tucker Carlson presidency would ever help with that.
I'm open: What/which candidate would???
And what is so important about unity? And when has it ever existed in the Republic?
I'm open: What/which candidate would???
And what is so important about unity? And when has it ever existed in the Republic?
The way things are in this country right now, none. The days of "ask not what your country can do for you" are long gone, as are the days of Americans rationing for a war effort. The fact that the divide between right and left is increasing is why no politician currently on stage could hope to bridge the gap. The several "democrats just want to destroy the county" posts in this thread are evidence of that. It's absurd on it's face to say someone who thinks differently than you does so just because they want to destroy the nation. More likely, they simply have a different take on how to get to the place most of the people in this country would like to get to. I will say, there's no chance a person who talks about Mexicans as murderers and rapists and labels certain countries sh@#hole countries is going to do anything to remedy the current situation, and he didn't even try. Tucker is worse.

But this isn't about which candidate could unite the United States, it's a discussion of what it would take for the nation to do it itself. Some national unity is good and desirable because there are real, existential issues we have to face and the way things are now one party will reflexively oppose whatever the other party proposes so we never find solutions, just histrionics and bad-faith arguments, often contianing the same "person 'x' or party 'x' just wants to destroy the United States" position I noted above. My original post asked people to not take positions on issues so I won't here, but we'll never come to any real solutions if we can't get the country to pull in the same direction when it's needed.
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