Hunting is never going to be the same


Frank, certainly not trying to detract anything you've said here, and not trying in any way to analyze your dad's mindset, but from what you write it sounds more like your dad was a non-hunter rather than an anti-hunter. There is a significant difference in the two.

And the fact that he was a non-hunter and simply not interested, he apparently didn't dissuade you from enjoying the outdoors, hunting and fishing, etc, with others. So, in his own way he made it possible, maybe even probable, for you to be even more insistent/consistent with enjoying those activities with others and especially your son.

Hoping I'm right in my generalization here, and that it's taken in the right vein, you and your son will have many happy and fulfilling memories to share together in the future. Oh, and welcome to the club!

Quoting Sld1959 from msg #15 above: "You have your memories, its just with a younger generation not older. Cherish them, the time goes so fast." (y)(y)(y)
He is an avid anti hunter and anti gun, I get into arguements with him all the time. He feels that it is absolutely a barbaric useless skill to have, what with modern technology and our supply chain of food that is available to us. Although, i will say he has softened in his advancing years (hes 81). Since covid and the shutting down of the economy in the last year, he realizes that now.