Is the 1911 Dangerous to Carry?


In before all the appendix carry comments. And also.....


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That part about (I will never drop my gun)is true-when I first got my permit I bought a Kimber Ultra CDP-at that time I spent right in the $1100.00 range.
I was drawing from a holster in our bedroom and the darn thing took off out of my hand and ricocheted off our dresser-making me dive for the other side of the bed.
It never fired in fact the safety was still engaged and there was a nice gouge out of the dresser-point proven-they are indeed safe-well when handled safely anyways.


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I always carry condition 1 but will become more diligent with my thumb on the hammer for re holsters. This does seem to be a lingering thought process from decades ago. I have 3 friends I shoot with that are now recent 1911 owners and have incorporated swiping the safety down and leaving the thumb. All feel very comfortable and 1 has incorporated his for home defense


The 1911 is perfectly safe to carry whenever the owner is using a proper amount of caution and respect for the weapon. The 1911 has been carried by countless soldiers, cops, and enthusiasts for over 100 years. If they were horribly unsafe we would have all surely heard about it by now.

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I've been pondering the acquisition of a 1911 (Springfield, of course!), a thought that is gaining more momentum every day due to the continuing dearth of 9mm ammunition. In nearly every outlet (true representation of their stock) that is sold out of 9mm, they have .45 ACP available.

Thank you for another great article I'll file away for the day I bring home my first 1911!
I carry an EMP 4" with 1 in the chamber and no thumb safety on. I don't see an issue carrying this way and since this is my first 1911 I've ever carried, it takes away the learning curve. I do place it into my IWB holster with the thumb safety on, then take it off after that. I can see some reasons to keep it on, but I don't think it's a safety issue...
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I carried one in 1971 complements of the US Army. Have you ever been down range and have a round headed your way? The sound the round makes will straighten you up quickly and get your respect. I purchased a Springfield Armory 1911 a couple of years ago and love it. It got me interested again in military weapons. Can't wait to get an M14 with a scope.

Thanks for all of the great articles and advice from experts. It helps keep us safe. These weapons are bulletproof, excuse the pun.

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My only issue with the 1911 is preparing to store it, lowering the hammer from cocked and locked is a bit of a dexterity issue.
Don't lower the hammer on a live round to store it, either keep it C&L, or mag out clear chamber and then release the hammer under thumb control, unless is going to be store for a long time, like years, C&L is not going to hurt anything on a 1911.
Dangerous no but it is one very heavy handgun. At least my full size RO is. I do have a shoulder rig I’m going to try this fall and winter to see if that’s more comfortable.
I typically belt carry my steel full size 1911s, due to the offside weight issue, two single stack magazines don't balance out for side to side. My advice is stolen from Jeff Cooper's Fighting Handguns, the ideal 45 ACP would be about 28 ounces. The Kimber aluminum frame CDP at 31 ounces as a full size 1911 is my sweet spot, full size grip, barrel, night sights. Carry a lot, shoot a little. Save the steel for extended shooting.