Is This the Ultimate Do-Everything CQB, DMR, Rifle, Carbine and Shotgun Reticle?

I’m a big fan of Holosun dots and I will say I love the ACSS reticle, especially the ring since it makes finding the chevron fast. I have the 507C-GR X2 ACSS on my primary EDC and love it. This model looks like a comparable closed emitter version of it. 👍
I run a Primary Arms SLX 1x microprism with the ACSS Cyclops reticle on my AP5. I love an etched reticle because on rifles red dots fall right into my dodgy vision where at arms length on a handgun they don’t. I love the ACSS reticle and for whatever reason find the chevron much easier to compensate for different distances than I do a dot.

Even with a magnifier the size of the dot will limit precise target acquisition at longer ranges unless you're shooting at a large target.

That being said I've found the ACSS reticle is pretty useful out to ~100 yds. because of that, and very versatile in CQB with the donut to mid-range with the /\.
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