Learn to Process Your Own Meat


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Thanks for the link, Mike.

It was interesting to read the article and see the author gave up “city life” to start farming. My wife watches a YouTube show called “Gold Shaw Farm.” The guy filming did the same thing (I.e. moving from city life) and says on the show he gets criticized by viewers for butchering and eating his chickens, geese and ducks. Sometimes I think a large part of our population has lived a life that is far too sheltered.

Our state was experiencing huge delays at processors. Turns out the federal USDA inspection process was a big part of the problem, so state government established a state-run inspection department approved by USDA to address the issue. It has just started, but I am very hopeful it will help a lot.


May need a sharper fillet or boning knife?
We need to stop and sharpen a few times working through this pile....


Took my first little mule deer to a processor. Six weeks later and $240 out of my pocket torqued me off something fierce. Processed my own animals henceforth. I'll never pay someone to process my animal again. What a rip-off.


For those who are interested there is a Youtube Channel by a couple professional butchers called The Bearded Butcher. These guys are truly professional. They are hunters and have butchered all manner of domestic and game animals with step by step instructions about how to do it. If you are going to butcher your own they are worth watching.