Life finds a way : UK Man Makes Compliant Belt-Fed Lever-Action .44 Magnum Bullpup


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While there are plenty of Americans who live with oppressive anti-gun laws, in general, most people in the U.S. don’t need to get creative in order to buy and own firearms. That’s not the case in the United Kingdom, where gun ownership and gun culture are pretty heavily oppressed nationwide.

In the U.K. people have to be excessively willful to own guns, and especially creative to own practical firearms. With a near-total ban on legal semi-automatic guns in private hands, ADF Projects and Designs turned to a lever-action repeating rifle as the start for a number of very creative projects.

Specifically, ADF looked to the Ruger 96. While most Model 96 rifles were rimfire guns, Ruger also made a number of Model 96-44 rifles chambered for .44 Remington Magnum.

ADF’s bullpup is based on the Model 96-44 and indeed loads and fires from a belt of big old .44 Magnum cartridges. And of course, .44 Mag is no slouch, on par with many intermediate cartridges out of a rifle-length barrel.

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