Mag extension for 10mm/.45acp 3.8"

Looks like Pearce has come out with a dedicated pinky extension for the XD-m Elite 10mm 3.8". It states it works on both 10mm and .45acp magazines. For the record I've not tried them. Personally I'm good with the factory extended.

For my XDM Elite 3.8 10mm I use the factory extended magazines with sleeve that creates a seamless mating with the grip (after mag well removal)
Sub compact gun full grip, extra rounds.


Well yes, those are my backup in my pouch. The 11rd mag fits my hand perfect. I tried my pearce that fit my XD-m 3.8" .45 compact but that would not fit the XD-m Elite mags. This is made for the XD-m Elite mags and adds two rounds. Now your short mags are 13 not 10 or 11. Flush mags are 10.