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My EDC, springfield 3in. subcompact 9mm,buck knife 110,extra mag,(cuz im in cali and 10 rd mags max)flashlight, 10 million volt zapper.and not shown springfield 4in. service 9mm..and quite abit of training..love my springfields, never had any issues with either of them....(((note i couldnt figure out how to write on the "show off your Every Day carry..)) i figure this out tho... firearms guy,, not a computer guy at all.. like to do the community thing and this but can never figure it out... same as the community on USCCA...every once in awhile i write something some where.. lord knows where it ends up..hahha Carry Be Safe God Bless Everyone......


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I don't know that I have an actual EDC but these are the main components of what I try not to leave the house without.

I for sure never leave my home without my phone, my water bottle, sun glasses, my wallet, my OC, a pocket knife, a gun and a reload. The gun can be a Glock 43, a Glock 26, or a Glock 19. It's usually the Glock 26.

The one place I go to the most is the gym. I have all the things I listed but since I usually go in the morning and I'm wearing gym clothes never have a flashlight or medical or my watch or handkerchief.

If I'm going to the VA I usually have my multi-tool and my pocket knife because nobody cares about that.

I don't take any other weapons or the medical. I don't take the weapons for obvious reasons and I don't take the medical because I don't want somebody questioning why I'm carrying it should I ever have to empty my pockets. I don't discuss or mention fitearms with any of my providers.

The only exception to that is the guy that runs the fitness program who knows that I worked as a security guard. All he knows is that my duties required me to carry a gun. We don't talk about whether or not I think guns are cool or whether or not I carry one in real life.

Usually my pocket knife is some variation of a Buck 110. The knife in the picture is a Buck 426 which is a variation of the Buck 112. I carry it more often that any other knife.

If any thing this is my EDC

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My EDC, springfield 3in. subcompact 9mm,
Just picked up a mod 2 version. I put Pearce grip extensions on my flush fit mags this week. Game changer.

The subcompact will be in my rotation once I get more rounds through it. Lately, it's a Shield 2.0 or my XDS Mod 2.