My Moose Hunt Journey

Great tale. Congrats on a successful Guide trip. Moose were reintroduced to Colirado a few years back, and I never realized how big they were until a young bull showed up in our back yard I'd taken a couple of big Elk in my hunting years, but wow, this young fella dwarfed the biggest of those Elk. We had a small patch of corn growing, and I wasn't about to argue with him over his choice to munch most of the ears.
DOW finally caught up with him the next day, and tranqued him, so they could relocate him back to the area they were released in, almost 200 miles further West. They speculated he'd wandered right down the Arkansas rivèr into town.
That is so cool that you did that! It is a very special state, I always look forward to my next trip!

I very rare photo of me in my early 20’s…. Long, long, long ago
That is my dream hunt for sure. Nice article. The meat from a moose is absolutely the best wild game i have ever eaten. Being 67 now I doubt whether I'll ever get the chance to make that hunt a reality.