My Mule Deer Hunt

Nice article Bridget.

Glad you stalked in closer for the shot. Many yahoos would try to shoot it at 1,000 but you did it right.

BTW - 300 yds. is well within the effective range of the 6.5 CM (which I use) for a good hunting shot, but the PRC shoots flatter.
I own three high-end big dollar target rifles. I was shopping for another but everyone was giving a one year lead time for delivery. So, with money burning a hole in my pocket, I took a chance and bought a 2020 Waypoint 6.5 creedmoor. I was not disappointed in its performance. It shoot as straight as any of my expensive target rifles at nearly half the price. It is the favorite rifle of both my wife and daughter. When I bought it I figured it would gather dust in the safe or I would end up trading it off at some point in the future... but no chance now. It's a keeper. I never shoot 1000 yards... I'm not that good of a shot, but I am sure this rifle will do it. Umm, does this sound like a commercial? Well, it's not... totally unsolicited input from a happy camper.
What exact ammo were you using ?
who are you asking?
As for me, I hand load everything I shoot. I have been hand loading for over 40 years. I shoot mostly 308 but have replicated the loading process for the 6.5 Creedmoor as well. In simple terms I am using (.308) Hornady 168gr match, with 42.5gr of BLC-2. But the magic is in the prep. Cases are sorted by manufacture and the number of times fired, full length sized, trimmed to the same length, seated with a die that does only that (adjusted for to the brass being loaded), and crimped using a factory crimp die. Every round is a close to mirror copy as I can make it them. These are not hot load and clock in at 2450fps (out of a 22" barrel).
The 6.5 is like wise loaded using 130gr match and 32gr BLC-2.
* I use specialized seating and crimping dies for consistency
* I use BLC-2 because it meters really evenly. I know... this powder has been around for decades. But I have yet to find anything that meters as evenly as this powder.
* I trim my cases to the same length every time to ensure case volumes are consistent.
* I sort my brass because each manufacture and firing changes the wall thickness... which affects seating depth, crimp tension, and case volumes.
* I use one brand of primer for consistency.
* Cases loaded and fired three times and then tossed.

This formula works for me and I can get sub MOA groups. Why mess with pefection?

just my 2c. Please note: I am not endorsing these loading for anyone. Every load needs careful testing and evaluation to find a combination that work for you. These are target loads and not a hunting load, and I worked the process and 308 loads up over the couse of many shooting sessions years ago. The 6.5 loads are new for me and I may tweak them some in the future. I am still in the evaluation phase for these... but the lading process is the same as experience and knowledge indicated that it is a good working process. So I aint messing with it.
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