New Hellcat OSP w/ Optics and Light

I know the Sentinel is out of Stock, where did you get the Sig??

I run the Romeo Zero, and its been good to me after only 300 rounds, but still holding zero. I just saw they were in stock at Grab A Gun for 199. Lots of posts on screws and such around this board. I just went and bought the correct length in button cap at my local hardware store. Been working well.
The Sig Romeo Zero has been back on shelves for a month plus now. (Wish the Sentinel was). The going price is 199 for the Sig RZ. "IF" you are not in a huge hurry to buy and can stand to wait awhile, (30+ daze, I mean days), I would look at the SwampFox or Shield RMSc. The polymer frame and lens on the Sig RZ just doesn't give me warm fuzzy feelings on my Hellcat. It works well for me and holds zero plus it easily co-witnesses the sights but it won't hold up to a direct drop on a hard surface and I already had to replace the factory battery after about 6 weeks of carrying. And this isn't always on. Its a shake and awake and that feature works each and every time so that really sucks! I'm waiting to see how long a fresh Energizer 1632 holds up in it.
I had the Zero and now the Sentinel and really like the durability of the Sentinel . I’ll give my son my Zero now. If you can hold out than get the Sentinel. I would not buy the Shield not for 400 dollars. I honestly wind up racking the slide every time by the sight. So even by hand you want that durability