1. C

    Hellcat slide not releasing when inserting magazine

    I just got the Hellcat. I expected when the slide was back in the locked position, and I insert a magazine it would rack and load. That is not happening. My sig P365 XMacro does this. Is this normal or is there something wrong with my hellcat?
  2. R

    Hellcat EDC loaded and chambered for extended time

    Hi all, Im am new to the forum. My questions are ; 1. Can i keep my Hellcat loaded and chambered for months on end not being fired and not have to worry about it performing when called upon? 2. I have two hellcats, one that i use regularly to practice with and one that i carry (EDC) daily...
  3. N

    New hellcat that makes noise when moved quickly in my hands (with no bullets inside)

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post this thread. I have a question regarding my HELLCAT® 3" MICRO-COMPACT OSP™ HANDGUN When I move it quickly in my hand I hear a certain noise. My questions are: 1. What is this noise 2. Does it mean that my gun is not...
  4. ScottyTheMenace

    Difficulty Inserting Hellcat Mags in Mag Well

    I've been carrying for 3 years and finally upgraded to a Hellcat OSP in July bought from my local gun store. Even though it's got a much bigger kick than I'm used to, I'm very pleased with it. I did find one issue with it, though, that I'm hoping I can get some thoughts on... When I insert the...
  5. F

    Any Familiar with the Hellcat Micro Washington State Reduced Capacity

    Hello all, BIt of a sad topic here for me, I dislike living here but at least for the time being really have no choice. (Unfortunately) I live in WA State, many firearm restrictions here. I am asking about the micro Hellcat as that is what I want, but this topic may apply to all Washington...
  6. K

    Hellcat Barrel Pitting

    Just curious if others are having this issue. My Hellcat is about 14 months old with approximately 600-800 rounds through it. Cleaning it the other day I notice the barrel muzzle showing significant wear and tear with pitting. I have not seen this on any of my other handguns. I use standard...
  7. G

    EOTECH EFLX/Hellcat Pro

    I have a hellcat pro and recently got a really great deal on a EOTECH EFLX and wanted to see if anyone knew if it would fit. Or if I need to get some kind of adapter plate in order to make it fit.
  8. M

    Hellcat Magazine differences

    Does anyone have a 10 round and an 11 round hellcat magazine? What's the difference? Is it just a different follower that makes it only possible to load 10 rounds? My state has a ban on BUYING magazines over 10 rounds but it is not illegal to possess them. I am hoping I can replace a follower or...
  9. Unameduser

    Muzzle wear on a Hellcat

    I’ve got about 150 rounds through a new Hellcat, and have these wear marks on the crown, right at the ends of three lands. The other lands have no marks at their ends. Before you tell me it’s cleaning damage, consider that I’ve cleaned it exactly once ever, since it came out of the box. Did...
  10. 7

    Hellcat OSP sMSC Installation Questions

    Hello and thank you in advance for your help here. I recently purchased a Hellcat OSP complete with the SMSC. It came with no mounting instructions beyond remove the plate and install the optic. I was under the impression that the SMSc came mounted on the pistol. I was WRONG. Now I have...
  11. A

    Hellcat 10rd model

    I was gifted a 10rd hellcat model. I was wondering if I will take the higher capacity mags that come with the regular models.
  12. H

    I goofed disassembling my Hellcat

    I decided to disassemble my Springfield Hellcat because a friend of mine was asking questions about it. This being the first time I had done so, I watched a tutorial video and got the slide off. After I took the slide off, I noticed the trigger was pulled all the way back. After noticing this my...
  13. Bear007

    HellCat RDP Leather Holster

    Anyone know of an OWB leather holster with a retention strap over the top? Tough to find for the Hellcat RDP.
  14. S

    Will SA sell Hellcat RDP barrel and compensator separate?

    Anyone know if SA plans to sell an RDP upgrade kit for those of us who purchased the Hellcat OSP? I’d like the idea of a compensated barrel but would rather not have to purchase a whole new pistol. thanks !
  15. Mr. Untactical

    Hellcat OSP - IWB EDC Holster Options

    With apologies for the do-over since there are other threads in the forum concerning this subject. I thought since the holster landscape changes rapidly, it would be reasonable to poll the audience and get a fresh perspective on the best IWB EDC holster options for a Hellcat OSP. I've heard...
  16. McDev

    Where to buy replacement OSP for Hellcat?

    I was at the range testing different optics and lost my plate somehow. I’ve called the endless 800 number and the email I sent from the website bounced. 🥴 Any thoughts on procuring a replacement?
  17. J


    I recently purchased a regular hellcat. I was wondering if anyone had information if Springfield will be offering just the RDP Barrel for purchase to swap in. Im intrigued how much a compensator would affect the gun but not enough to purchase a whole other hellcat for it.
  18. A

    Upgrades to Hellcat OSP

    So I’ve been wanting to get a micro compensator for my Hellcat OSP since I first shot it. I also have my eye on the Apex Tactical trigger upgrade. I saw they’re now selling the RDP, but I can’t justify spending a grand on a new pistol when I’ve got a perfectly good Hellcat already that just...
  19. T

    rdp retrofit?

    anyone know if rdp components (i.e. the 3.8" barrel and compensator) can be had separately to retrofit an original hellcat with the 3" barrel?
  20. J

    Green Laser for Hellcat?

    Any companies selling a green laser for the Hellcat? If so, anyone got any feedback. Thanks!