1. C

    New Hellcat OSP w/ Optics and Light

    Pictures of my new Hellcat with the Sig Romeo Zero, TLR-6, and also just got the Swampfox Sentinel in. Haven't shot them much yet, but so far I like the metal body and taller window of the Swampfox
  2. GunSpot

    5 Guns We Hope Springfield Armory Makes! The Wish List

    Check out this video where we shared a list of five guns we hope to see Springfield Armory make? Do you agree with our list? What one would you love to see? My 5 Wish Guns Include: - XDM Elite 5" OSP model - A Longer Hellcat OSP overall length of 6," barrel 3.7" - A SAINT Victor in 6.5...
  3. K

    Hellcat and 507c Optic

    Hey guys just picked up a hellcat but will be a while before it arrives, and debating doing the modification for the 507c from holosun, apparently it is removing the rear indexing posts and shortening the front, i have never actually seen underneath the plate, can someone post up a pic of the...
  4. R

    SA, Please make a 10 Round Magazine for the Hellcat

    The Hellcat is an exceptional gun when you just think of quality and conceal carry. However, I have many friends that desire the Hellcat, but they live in California, and anything above 10 rounds is considered illegal in that tough on guns state. With that, I believe that you would open a big...
  5. A

    Hellcat in Massachusetts

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea when and if the Hellcat may be sold in Massachusetts (needs a 10rd mag). I have wanted this gun since it debuted but it is not legal in the over regulated state I live in. I talked to my local gunshop owner and he said his Springfield representative told him...
  6. Jetwind

    What's your favorite Hellcat video?

    I was impressed by the unboxing of the Hellcat OSP - and the first thoughts and shots by Brandon of Texas Plinking on YouTube. I don't know the guy or his other videos. But I felt he gave an honest and fair assessment of the gun. I like how some of his reservations were eased by handling the...
  7. LastStarfighter

    Hellcat Size

    I have seen quite a few people online asking about the size of the Hellcat vs. their current carry...ehem Taurus G2c and Glock 43x owners... So here is a quick way to compare. https://www.handgunhero.com/ I have held a G2c and a Glock 43x and let me tell you the only gun actually comparable to...