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No relation to either! It was my 'On Air' handle when I was a DJ and 'Captain of my Air Waves!' I still use it for Gun Forums. I am also part of the A-Team on Battleground News on WBOB in Jacksonville. We offer a conservative voice and discuss Second Amendment issues in the Jacksonville market. We are off the air temporarily whole we reformat the program.

IHeart Radio also has another Florida Pro-Gun program with Royce Bartlett on WMMB Radio from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Saturdays. See https://wmmbam.iheart.com/featured/shooting-straight-with-royce/

There are several Second Amendment Radio shows produced locally and nationally. Is anyone aware of a listing that has these programs available to city, state, and time? Using programs like these will keep the Second Amendment front and center as content providers like YouTube demonetize creators. Developing a National 2A Broadcast List looks like a good 'Social Distancing' project to protect our Constitutional Rights!
There is a 2nd Amendment radio show, "The Law Matters" live on WFYL 1180 AM in king of Prussia, PA at 7:00 AM Friday mornings also known as "Mike G. in the Morning" on YouTube. If you search online for the station, the YouTube archive is under the Podcast dropdown on the home page and you can listen to the live broadcast via the station homepage.