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Hello Everyone it has been my pleasure working with @xdman, @Mike H. & @Louis G. Moderating this forum. With its continued and projected growth its only obvious that we would need an additional moderator. Especially with some new releases coming up 🤫 don’t tell Mike I told y’all to expect something. Without further ado I’d let to take the time to introduce our new moderator @OkiePewPew. He has been a hard working moderator for both xd and myself for years on other social media sites and a lurker on here from day 1. He has the same twisted sense of humor that @10mmLife the gang will enjoy. Please take the time to welcome him and congratulate him on becoming a moderator. Please show him the respect and courtesy you all have shown XD and myself. Thank you all for all you contribute keep up all the great conversations and threads. Remember knowledge is power and in times like today we need all the facts and education we can get.
Thanks everybody. As KLGunner said, I’ve been lurking since the beginning and look forward to working with everybody. And, yes, me and 10mmLife are gonna get along famously 😈
About time you show'd up. Wishin' you all the best..... ya gonna need it.....
Will be nice to have a "real" moderator on here for a change.....
Hope you enjoy the new job with all the pay and benefits.!! :ROFLMAO:
Welcome !!!!
I didn't do it in advance....

He didn’t do it........😬😬😬😬