Noob Here From Arizona


Greetings all!

Just joined up here at The Armory Life and I am looking forward to participating on the forum.

Just a little about me... I'm retired, live in Arizona and enjoy using my firearms. I also do quite a bit of offroading in various areas of the state, as well as Utah and Colorado.

I don't have a large collection of firearms having downsized quite a bit before retirement and relocation to this area. But I have lots of ammo for all of what I have!
Welcome from Ohio! Lots of good information here, very knowledgeable members, and a few yeet cannon aficionados……😬😬

Thanks! I gotta figure out this picture thing. Everything I have is too large? Or, I probably just need a few more posts.

Welcome from the wilds of the Florida Panhandle, aka The Redneck Riviera, aka L.A. (Lower Alabama). Is it hot there yet? Do you by chance drive a Buick?

Thanks for the welcome. It's startin' to warm up. We are looking at some 90+ temps here for the foreseeable future...at least until we get the 100+ temps later... :cool: Nope, I don't drive a Buick. I drive a Jeep.


Welcome to the forum, from another Buckeye.

Another neighbor? Cool! Thanks for the welcome.