Not Ideal, But Ordered Some 38 Super Bullets


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I am not necessarily desperate, but indications are that I will be if there’s no improvement in product availability, so as **** Jagger sang, You can’t always get what you want! I ordered 1000 bullets, 38 Super, 121gr JHP .356” diameter. I’m guessing if I can load Berry’s plated, which are .356” I should be able to develop some loads for a jacketed bullet the same diameter. If I use 124gr JHP recipes I may find something in the mid range that works for me.

I recall posting about 4 boxes of 38 Super ammo that I bought in error a decade ago. Advice from multiple parties was to break it down and use the projectiles for 9mm range fodder. Guessing this is a similar scenario. Of course, I still haven’t broken down the loaded 38 Super ammo...who knows? I may obtain a sweet 1911 in that caliber one day...just so I don’t waste that ammo. Ji ji ji.

Load length may be an issue, due to the 38 Super profile versus 9mm, so I’ll err to the softer side while I work things out (assuming the bullets actually ship).


Would you be able too identify the powder for reuse? Possible not a good idea, just a thought? Too bad you can't trim and use in a 9mm.