1. A

    Can my XD 9mm Sub Com-pact Springfield use +P Ammo?

    Now that ammo is extremely hard to find I have come across +P in 9mm. Just want to make sure my weapon can safely use this ammo. Can anyone help? Is there a web page at Springfield Armory that might list serial number ranges that are safe to use +P ammo in 9MM or 40?
  2. M

    Not Ideal, But Ordered Some 38 Super Bullets

    I am not necessarily desperate, but indications are that I will be if there’s no improvement in product availability, so as **** Jagger sang, You can’t always get what you want! I ordered 1000 bullets, 38 Super, 121gr JHP .356” diameter. I’m guessing if I can load Berry’s plated, which are .356”...
  3. jorgebarake

    My first firearm

    This was the first firearm I ever purchased. This is the handgun I keep on my nightstand and trust if I ever need to use it.
  4. EL LOBO

    The Springfield ARMORY XDM OSP FDE 9MM Pistol table top review

    The XD-M® is a modern update to the legendary XD® pistol with a host of performance enhancements. The XD-M is a favorite of competitive shooters and is renowned for its accuracy, reliability, and shoot ability. The same performance upgrades that made it a winner on the range give it the edge in...
  5. 2Astrongsprgfld

    XD Mod.2 9mm threaded barrel???

    Is there any company out there that make a threaded barrel for the Mod.2 subcompact 9mm? If not what would be my option for having one made? Would really like to be able to add a suppressor
  6. Breach&Bang

    Range Officer Elite Operator in 9mm

    Since this is now discontinued I picked one up. I'm not that knowledgeable with 1911's and was wondering if this model has issue with magazines over 8 rounds in capacity and if not what are some good after market magazines to buy that won't destroy my bank account. Mec-Gar any good? Looking to...

    9mm AR Pistol build issues

    I am just finishing my 9mm AR Pistol build, and I have run into several issues: first was choosing a BCG and upper that were either Colt or Glock compatible; then choosing to use a dedicated 9mm lower, modify one to accept 9mm mags, or modify pmags to feed 9mm! Who has run into compatibility...