Post your Saturday night jams ... or your fav music ...

Saw these guys in concert back in the 90s when they stopped in Winnipeg. One of the best concerts I’ve seen. ❤️😎
I saw them in a cave in rural Jefferson county Missouri about 40 years ago. It was called Caveland back them. It's a little country and western bar now called the Crystal Palace or some such. I saw Ted Nugent in the same venue. I also saw Nugent about a block from where I grew up in what is now a warehouse for a construction company.

Bands like Nugent, Journey, REO Speedwagon, ZZ Top, Mama's Pride, Pavlov's Dog and other midwest based bands used to play these small places around here all the time. A guy I know got in with the guys from Journey and wound up roadie'ing for them for a long time. My friends and I were once dispatched to a local music store to buy a cheap guitar for Dr. Hook to smash on stage.