PSA PA-10 Gen 3 Review


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Sub-MOA with Steel Case?

Good review for the PSA PA-10 Gen 3.

I picked up one recently since it had some features I needed that others didn't.

I agree with the vids findings that it's a platform ready for some logical upgrades which I did to fit what I use on other platforms.

I found the accuracy to be well within my needs, and it's been 100% reliable. It came with a better Geissele trigger and handguard than in this vid.

Overall, a good .308/7.62 AR-type rifle for those looking at this type, and with budget limitations compared to other high-end options.

My .02
BTW - I disagree with the authors characterization that the PSA PA-10 Gen 3 is cheap & a starter AR-10 type rifle.

I did a lot of research on AR-10-types before going with the PA-10 which had some features that more expensive/big name maker rifles didn't have.

My .02
In full disclosure I did change out the stock to a Magpul ACS-L, the grip to a K2, an ambidextrous safety, mag release and charging handle.

All customizations that the vid author indicated one typically does to me their own individual needs.
I gotta say, and let me preface this by saying I am about a year into my career with ARs of any type, I have built a few AR-15s with PSA and Anderson lowers and Bear Creek uppers and parts kits that I picked myself, all with Enhanced Mil Spec FCGs and I got no issues with them. I shot my buddy's DD that he paid $2500+ for and it doesn't do anything that mine won't do.
I have one of these, gen 2 if my memory serves, and I have really enjoyed it.

It has run well and is my current deer hunting rifle.

I have a gen2 as well, in 308. The gen3 adjustable gas block was a big upgrade imo. I was surprised how much softer my gen3 shot, despite being a diff caliber. Went and got an adjustable gas block on the gen2, and now it shoots nearly as softly.