Review: Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster for the Hellcat

Whats the verdict with the 13 or 15 round magazine ? The photo looks like a 10 round magazine.Of course I may be incorrect. I have found the larger capacity magazines change things,so after many purchases I found the urban carry owb my choice.Just what works for me.
I don’t like the fact that the companies always leave out us left handed shooters. We spend money too. Anyone know of an iwb holster for the Hellcat for LEFT handed people. I have a crossbreed now but either the gun butt or the holsters eats holes in my shirttails.
I like that Mitch Rosen one
Honestly, you can't go wrong with Mitch Rosen.

For about a week, I have now been using my Mitch Rosen Clipper with my Ronin EMP3 for appendix carry and it is working great!

In fact, I ordered another IWB from them today (USD II SF) and they will actually make it to fit the Ronin EMP3 even though it isn't listed as an option on-line. I also opted for an IWB mag holder, as I currently don't have one.

The USD II SF I just ordered has some muzzle rake on it which will make it more comfortable for carrying on the side, but will also work for appendix carry. It also has a bodyside leather extension covering the thumblock to make it more comfortable, especially when seated.

If you're seriously considering Mitch Rosen and have some questions, etc., give them a call. Jessica usually answers and she is very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to deal with. She also passed me on the Mitch Rosen himself to make sure there wouldn't be any issue with fitting the holster to the Ronin EMP 3.

Mitch is down-to-earth, highly intelligent and has got vast experience. Really enjoyed speaking with both of them and their customer service is A-1. 👌(y)