Review: Warrior Poet Society Fox Folder Knife

Hi Mike. I'm curious with the unique shape of the Fox folder and the index loop how comfortable it is to hold compared to a karambit with a reverse grip?
Actually the first thing I thought when I saw this knife was "holy smokes, they copied The Colonel knife!". Maybe they bought the patent or it ran out. I bought both the fixed and folding models and find them good, easy to carry blades. The Colonel was designed for those who had little or no training in knife combatives. If you know rudimentary boxing blows you can effectively use the knife.
I personally don't like the style. Guess I am just to old school . :unsure:
It's pretty useless to me. It's basically a variation of a folding Karambit styled knife. Not something that appeals to me much. Yes they can be wicked fighters, Especially in trained hands like Doug Marcaida (sp). But for every day in day out uses which make up about 99 percent of a carry knifes use, i will take a more traditional blade shape.

Personal taste.