Review: XD OSP Slide Conversion Kits

Awesome article!!! This is "XD OSP Slide" is something I have been hoping Springfield Armoy would offer.

Living "Behind the Lines" in the "People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Commiefornia", we are limited in the choices of Firearms. Sure I would like to own a XDM OSP Elite, but unfortunately its not on the states "CA Approved Handgun Roster."

I have wanted to add a MRDS to my XD9 and XD45 Service 4 " barrel and Tactical 5 25" barrel, but really didn't want to have my original slides modified for a long time now. This will now give me the option of installing a "XD OSP" slide on my XD9 Service 4" barrel. I prefer my Springfield Armoy XD9 and XD45 over my Glocks. The XD's just feel right in my hand. XD's are ergonomically perfect!!!

Awesome deal Springfield Armoy, You hit a home run with this option!!! I'll take an XD's over a Glock anyday!!!

Now if you would just offer a "XD OSP Slide" for both my XD45 Service 4" and Tactical 5.25" "XD OSP Slide in 5.25" I would definitely be a "Happy Camper!!!"
Just joined the forum to respond and say that I own 5 SA pistols (XDs, XDM, XDM Elites), and would very much like to see the line of available OSP slides expand. I'll happily buy a factory slide rather than send one off to be milled.
Totally agree, I would buy another handgun ready for an optic before I had a slide machined.
In fact I’m planning a trip to a couple LGS’s today and tomorrow to see what’s new and prices.
I second the request for a OSP slide for a XDM for my 4.5 inch 45ACP
Right now when on my hip it’s in a SafariLand level 3 which wouldn’t work with a red dot but I know Theres a holster that would work just fine.
Come on Springfield expand that OSP slide option to other models. 🙏
I just picked up a concealment holster for my XDM OSP 9mm 4.5" barrel. Haven't mounted my Holosun 507C GR X2 on it yet. I was using my Safariland Holster, which isn't compatible with it MRDS.

My new holster from "Tier 1 Concealment" works great and is MRDS compatible. Only issue I had, was I forgot to order the model with weapon mounted light/laser.

Check out Tier 1 Concealed website:
to see thier holster line up!!!