Review: XD OSP Slide Conversion Kits

Few notes for anyone following this thread... I ended up mounting a Holosun 508 using the plate. Fit seems snug although I have concerns about the relatively shallow depth of threaded holes for mounting the optic to the plate. Time will tell how well they hold up, I suppose.

Also, it's nearly impossible to find the proper 6-32 screws. None of the online stores carry the correct length and head diameter. In fact just because it seems to fit, doesn't meant it's making paper contact with the optic. Holosun in particular apparently makes their own screws in-house with a rather thin but wide head that maximizes contact, so I've had them ship me a set separately. None were the proper length still and needed to be cut down... sound simple, but it's a PITA to get it done just right.

In the meantime I shipped the original XD slide out for milling so we'll see how that goes... I just had my stainless 1911 TRP milled and it came out fantastic. So depending on how good the XD milling comes out I might stick to milling vs this adapter plate stuff.
Kit arrived yesterday, as expected it's a perfect fit, took all of 10 seconds to swap out my 5" assembly.

I'm eyeing Holosun EPS models right now. I'd like to co-witness so base height is of major consideration.

BTW, for anyone considering this... the kit comes with SA OSP adapter plate #2 (part #XD5071). The adapter plate partner number is not listed on SA store as of today, still, but if you look close you can see #2 in the picture. I ended up ordering RMR plate XD5073 that takes Holosun and Trijicon optics.... should've bought it at the same time as the kit to save $10 in shipping.
I have the same optic and OSP slide conversion on my xd9 4" service model. The 508t does not fit with the adapter plate #2 that I ordered with it. May I ask what your plate and optic look like on your pistol? I am hitting a wall with support, they are telling me I have the correct parts, but it does not even come close to fitting (optic onto plate) Thanks in advance!
Does anyone know if S.A. will fit a new OSP Slide to a non-osp Hellcat?
I doubt it, I had a 911 9mm with ambi safety and wanted to send it back for them to remove the ambi, and replace it with just the regular safety and SA said they don’t do that, plus they don’t sell parts.
I absolutely have to have one of theses OSP slides on my XD 9 4”service model & my 4” XD mod2 .40 can be swapped out to a 9mm great move SA!! Also my 5”Tactical .40 can be changed also to a 4” 9mm. Awesome 😎
So you did use one of SA's OSP slides on a xd9 mod 2? Did you have to do anything special to the barrel? Mines about a millimeter from being flush with the top of the slide and won't go on the frame, also installed a. Standard XD recoil rod that I had laying around from my standard xd