RO LW Compact 9mm

One of my dealers and I have been dancing around on this one for a while...I actually went in looking for a RIA Ultra CS, which he couldn’t find...so he offered this one to me for an acceptable price (actually made me a heck of a deal on it).

Hopefully get it to the range tomorrow.

Trigger feels a little heavy, I’d put it over 5#, probably closer to 6...but it's clean, so hopefully it'll drop a little as it breaks in. Good takeup, minimal overtravel, good reset. Very little slide/frame play, which is more than acceptable, and zero barrel/slide play.

Fiber optic sights are OK, but if I like it and greenlight it for carry, they’ll get upgraded to Trijicon HD's, most likely.

Gonna break it down, give it a good cleaning & lube...probably order some Wilson mags for it.
Range report up...