SA-35 Review: Dissecting Springfield’s New Pistol

My guess would be the same person who has dropped all the other balls with this albatross!
I don't know... similar to the IIs and IIIs but without the nanny-safeties and with better sights... 15 vs 13 round mag... but a combat handgun should come with an ambi safety... and they could also have beavertailed it.... perhaps on the SA-35B
Not sure what to say here - my SA-35 was defective, sent it back twice, but nobody followed my instructions to verify the fault. After 15 rounds, there was no ability to keep the holes on even the backing board, let alone the target, and the front of the barrel wobbled in what would have been a barrel bushing if my gun had one. I told them I want a replacement gun.

This was months ago, and they still haven't come up with a replacement gun to send me.

Not sure what to say - I want the gun, but I want a gun that works. I'm very busy with other things for a while now, but I have no idea when (or if?) they will ever send me a replacement gun..... It's supposed to be a parts shortage, and I guess I just wait it out.


Purchased my SA-35 many moons ago, perhaps ten months ago now
Purchase price was twenty dollars under msrp @ 679.00 dollars
It was available at the “range usa” retail store
My pistol was manufactured in the mid five thousands of serial numbers


Interesting. I got mine in early December of '21 and it has a 3100 S/N. I'm still very happy with mine after a trip to BHSS.
I've two more on order and they'll go there whenever they come in.