Saint Victor 308 pistol, is it safe to shoot

Is my NEW GUN SAFE TO SHOOT??? LOOSE SCREW ON BOLT CARRIER, IS THAT SAFE ??? HAD MY NEW GUN OVER A MONTH NOW STILL CANT GET AN ANSWER ON IF THIS GUN IS SAFE... emailed Springfield 2 times and call and left a message, no response so I called and talked with a human being and Still could NOT GET AN ANSWER IF MY BRAND NEW GUN IS SAFE TO SHOOT. PROBLEM - if you look through the ejection port dust cover you will see 4 holes ONE of these holes has a Screw in it. This screw is NOT ON THE PARTS DIAGRAM AND IT IS ALSO LOOSE, I CAN MOVE IT WITH MY FINGER NAIL. SHOULD THIS SCREW BE TIGHT?? AND IF SO HOW MANY OTHET SCREWS ARE LOOSE INSIDE THIS GUN??? IT IT SAFE???
Loose screw


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I think, if you pull the bcg, the hole you’re pointing to is the back side of the firing pin retaining pin channel. Flip the bcg over, it’s the looped head of a cotter type pin. If you wiggle the loop, the ‘screw’ in the hole you’re pointing at will wiggle. If that’s the case, it’s good to go. Part #41 or 46 (depending on your type of Victor) Firing Pin Retaining Pin


Okie is right. That's the other side of the BCG from the cotter pin that holds the firing pin in place. If you remove the BCG from your rifle and look it over you will notice there are only 2 screws and they are on the top, holding the gas key to the carrier. They are staked and will not back off.

I very highly suggest watching several videos and making sure you understand the different parts of your BCG and where they go, how they are removed, etc.. before disassembling it.

I would say it's safe to shoot, but you really should break your gun down and clean and lubricate it before you take it to the range. It came from the factory with rust inhibitive stuff on it that should be cleaned off.