Short hiatus


Made it through the surgery, they had to do a bi-lateral, both sides, robotic type procedure, not much pain but very sore as hell, thanks guys for all the words, appreciate it, just stopped in quick, see you guys soon.

yeah, mine was a bi-lateral as well..

but no stink'n robot...!!!!!!!

no telling what else a robot might "snip" while it's down there........:eek:


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Don't know how I missed this ..... anyway , You dadgum young whippersnapper. Why back when I was your age and had to have one them ooperatens , I was back out plowin' the back 40 the next day. These youngin's think they gotta lay up for a week befor thays can do somthin'.

Well anyway I hope you can get better soon so I can raze you a little bit when you get back on your feed. (y) ;)