Show off your Every Day Carry!


My optic of choice is a dang gold bead screwed into the end of my shotgun barrel…
Won't work that well on a Hellcat.

Also, I highly suggest you try a Holosun 510C on your shotgun. I thought I was fast before. It's almost unfair dude. Lightning fast and I just can't miss.

Also my one tactical shotgun that doesn't have an optic on it is a Mossberg 500 with a single gold bead on the end of it. The bead part is gone thanks to a modification I did to the heat shield which means it has to slide off the front and it's very tight. No matter, I am cross eye dominant and long ago started putting in the work it takes to overcome that disadvantage. Inside 15 yards I don't even need the bead. ;)


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I kind of buy on impulse, and a budget. A while back I picked up the non osp version before the pro came out. I did use the coupon for the Veridian laser, and picked up the the nylon holster from the SA webstore. I run it IWB at 3:30 4 o'clock on a Kore ratchet belt and really like it. I put the belt on and comfortably pack my micro heater wearing drawstring shorts and a t-shirt, can't get more edc than that.