SIG SAUER Company failure to honor guarantee

I’m sure it has been and most likely removed by the forum mods to avoid bad publicity.
I been a member of the SIGforum.com for years and have read many, many posts by members who have complained about their Sig products. I am not aware of any instance where a post has been removed for fear of causing bad publicity to Sig. They are just as open about discussing the 'warts' on Sig products as they are any other brand.

My guess is the OP is not a member of the SIGforum, and if he is, there are several members who are extremely knowledgeable of Sig Arms and their products and who would be more than happy to help the OP out.

On the other hand, if he is a troll, they may have already recognized him as such and gave him the boot.
I don't have a Sig, so I have no skin in the game,but maybe sending an e-mail was not the best idea.
Not to go sideways a friend of mine bought an FN509 and a light was their promotion and when it failed he called CS and they said they would replace it, but it never came.
A second call and explaining that he was a police officer and he will get on social media and tell of his experience, magically two lights showed up.
My point is try calling and stay calm.
One and done as @HansGruber mentioned.