Belt Fed

Looked at one of these today, ya'll know anything about them? if they are OK i'm fixin to go buy it tuesday. can't tomorrow and they are not open on Mondays. they have the adapter to put in to use on my 9mm SBR too. pretty lightweight. don't know anything about them or any silencer far as that goes but the short waiting period is making me buy one. may order the 45 one too. they didn't have it.

Great to hear, think i will swing by tomorrow and pay for it. they only had three. or maybe just call and tell him to save me one. i know them pretty well so they will hold me one. Thanks guys for the response.
Keep in mind that if you plan on using the suppressor on a fixed barrel firearm you will need a fixed barrel spacer. Also I highly recommend a tri-lug adapter for PDW firearms.