Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em: Peters Paper Shells Are Back

These pictures sure bring back some memories. I still remember the old 'Remington/Peters' in the green boxes too. You remember ..... the square box where the shells stood up vertically with the 'slide up/off' cover. Yeh, I knew ya would. LOL!
Here's an oldie from my large box of obsolete and virtually useless stuff. Notice the instructions on the side. How many of you have a modern shotgun with a single barrel that weighs more than 10 1/2 pounds? That this Western Record shell has "Made in USA" indicates it was made between 1925 and 1944. Not sure what size shot lurks inside. There is a 2 stamped of the other end. That may indicate 00 buck. Whatever it is can stay there. Looks like a beast.
No. 10 a.JPG
No. 10.JPG

No. 10b.JPG
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With a 2 on the end it is probably a #2 shot . It would be lead for geese most likely.
Well, I tried to take pics of the old Remingtons I was talking about. Don't know for sure how they'll turn out, but here we go!

Edit: These are all 'single ought buckshot'.


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