Springfield Armory Boxer Apogee Belt Review: When Fit Matters

Note: Video didn’t complete full length runtime, cut off last few minutes of the reviewers final thoughts.

Anyway, I like this sort of slide thru buckle method in belts over the pin-thru-the hole type when it comes to cinching down tight for edc or not.
I’m a bit concerned about the ‘rachet’ style, being is it dependable over time with the nylon material that might eventually deform those indent slots. It’s a good idea and practice to allow sufficient extra length to allow for correction as time goes by.
It looks very durable. Another concern would be with the nylon is that it also deform or twist… meaning does it maintain a flat appearance for hanging up or does it stay curled and coiled.

Will that synthetic nylon mar over time, always look fresh?
We all seen old leather take on a well~worn patina and who here has always hated wearing a “new pair of shoes” on the first day at school?

This belt will do a lot better than the more common cheaper nylon web belts out there, which are not as sturdy and thinner, that can fray, but the expense of a belt has become more costly than the drawers they hold up.
I have been using a Kore belt with ratchets slots on the inside for about 2 years and it's probably the best belt i have owned or on the market today. I do not think you would have to worry about wearing it out.
I try not to call attention when I CC, I tend to blend in. So why would Springfield Armory put their logo on the belt buckle, for everyone to see?