Springfield Armory’s FIRSTLINE: Discount Program for First Responders


Sorry, I should have been more clear.
On the sites like Kentucky Gun Club or Primary Arms?
I see the find a dealer option, that's not what I am looking for.

I didn't know that you could go to PA or KGC and see the Firstline guns
Aside from the "FL" suffix on the model numbers that Lowlife mentioned, there are normally one or two other indicators. From my experience, both sites will have the language "Qualified Professionals Only" somewhere on the information page/listing for Frontline models. KYGunCo will also have a blue badge-shaped icon in the upper-right hand corner of search results listings for Frontline models. Hope it helps.


Sweet, just found a Prodigy (nit in stock though) on Kentucky . Co and Primary Arms for $1259

One of these days when the planets align ( and by that I mean, they're in stock, the funds are available and the COF approves) I am going to have to grab one of those
I received my 4.25 inch Ronin 45 this week from Atlantic Tactical through the FirstLine Program. I ordered it on June 20, 2022, but in my opinion it was well worth the wait, especially considering that during my order time Springfield moved it's production to the new facility. When Atlantic Tactical gave me an ETA to delivery from Springfield, it was in within two days the the date.

I took it to an indoor range yesterday and cycled round nose 230 grain rounds through each of the eight magazines I have for it twice for each mag, then shot some Speer Gold Dot bonded 230 grain HP rounds through each magazine and all rounds fired and the pistol worked perfectly. The Ronin fit my hand well and had a great natural point for me, when point shooting without using sights close up. It also shot on target using the sights. It was a very comfortable pistol to shoot. I also have a Glock 30S, which I also like to shoot, but the Ronin is a more comfortable weapon to fire and does not have the slight bite that the 30s has.

I have a second FirstLine order in for a Ronin 4.25 inch in 9mm, which I placed during last summer. I am sure that will be a very comfortable to shoot also. I appreciate being able to take advantage of the Firstline program, an excellent deal in my opinion.