I'm so angry.. I ended up getting taken or $1725 because I was in the middle of a few things not thinking clearly and wanted a waypoint and they had it and I didn't !@#$%^!%^ use my brain. now I'm trying to figure out recourse which there probably isn't any. Report to IC3 (will go nowhere), talk to my bank to see if they have anything they can do. this is the ONLY site on the web that calls this website https://springfieldgunsusa.com/ out. and I work in a field where I deal with dummies getting scammed all the time. I'm MUCH more upset about being hoodwinked than the $1725. ARRRGHHHH
I don't know if Springfield can do anything about it, I hope they are trying.
I shot their customer service an email calling that site out. I'll give them a call later. I've also reported to FTC but again that will go nowhere.

best outcome is we get that website shut down. next step is going after their DNS provider and abuse report to icann
almost would like to organize a big campaign of people who go on that site and order tons of **** and just have him scurrying around trying to get money.

no movement from any of the reports i've filed site is still up and every time i go there i get more disgusted at myself for falling for it it's absolute **** with red flags galore god damn my eyes!