I saw this web site and it had all the Springfield line up for sale. It even had pictures from this site as a part of it's advertising so I thought it was legit. I allegedly purchased a 911 pistol on July 29, 2021 but I have not heard anything about when the gun would be shipped. Really have not heard anything substantive about the sale or any attempt to keep me posted about the issues and how they would be addressed. Of course, they have not offered to refund my money. Only after I ordered the pistol did I notice they did not even spell Springfield correct on the website ("Sprinfield'). Stay away from these guys, they are "fake news."
There are a lot of phoney sites out there using names of popular companies as a way to lure people in. I seen a CZ gunstore site the other day that's also a scam.

Stay away from Rainersec also who is using the name to trick people into thinking they are shopping at the legit site which is Rainer Arms.

You can check if a site is legit or suspect on sites like scam adviser or similar sites. These aren't always fool proof so be vigilant.

If you have a question about a site your not sure is legit you can always ask the question here and I'm sure there are plenty of members that will help you out.
I really wanted the gun and threw my good sense to the wind and actually Zelled the money. I also later saw on Scam Detectors that additional people paid for Saint Rifles and got the same as I did -- NOTHING!!!!!!
Contact Zelle immediately ! They might have a way to challenge the transfer; fraudulent sales are illegal.

There are processes - however tedious - for dealing with these situations, and hopefully they’ll help put em out of action…
Man sorry to hear you lost money that’s not good at all buying on line is sketchy I totally trust guns.com got two guns from them but a little advise even guns.com or any of them know you retail price know where you should be a as far as how much the gun is selling for do your research I even seen guns.com jack up prices. They are going to get what they can but like said guns.com normally is pretty fair do business with do your homework deal with well known company’s good luck
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Contact Zelle immediately ! They might have a way to challenge the transfer; fraudulent sales are illegal.
Sometimes those scammers find a way to ask for that money that looks legitimate on an ulterior investigation, it does not look like a purchase of anything.
Only a direct CC charge can be reversed. Don't use anything else as payment for goods.

I know... because I paid $50 for that knowledge (different scam, car parts).

Example: I use Zelle to transfer money to my kids bank accounts, just to "feed" their debit cards. There is no way I can reverse one of those transactions.
I had a site as well used my CC they responded promptly to either send money, Bitcoin or any other non refundable way.
Major red flags.