Summer CCW Challenges and Solutions


Blackpoint Tactical holsters are excellent quality and their customer service is very good. However, I will just stay with OWB holsters and throw a shirt on when I leave the ranch. As for the shorts, well some guys just should not wear them


First of all I seldom wear shorts. Even in the terrible STL summers. When I do though, other than just around the house, all my shorts are not ridiculous elastic waistband abominations. They all have belt loops. All my holsters work just fine on a gun belt. That's why I picked the ones I did. The only difference in carry for me in the summer is that anytime I just wear a t-shirt I have to carry a compact in an IWB, whereas in cooler weather I can carry whatever I want. Which means usually either a VP9, an XD Mod 2 4" .45 or a 1911.