Taking the M1A to 1,000 Yards


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NIce vid.

Keep in mind the M1A has been shooting out to 1,000 yds for the last 60 yrs in DCM/CMP Service Rifle competitions just with standard open sights, stock, and use of a sling.

The author should try it that way also, with a National/Super Match M1A for comparison.

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I've shot my Garands out to 1,000, and it's interesting to see the mirages of the bullets dive towards the target through a spotting scope when the conditions are right.
I saw my first bullet in flight spotting at a Palma match; I saw the little dot/vortex in the scope, looked at a buddy who just winked and said “Yep; that’s exactly what you think it was...”.
Fun and a fine rifle indeed!! We used to check zero on our Remington 700's by shooting saplings at 1000. I know it's me, but you can't beat the cool factor of a wood stocked M1A ;^)


8” at a 1,000yds is some very good shooting. That’s a good scope on top of that rifle as well. Nice article.