The Armory Life Interviews MACV-SOG’s Major John L. Plaster

Great interview. I recognized a familiar face in one of the photos in this article: CSM Franklin D. Miller. After leaving the 1/75 Rgrs. at Ft. Stewart, Ga., I was assigned to 2/9 Air Cav. at H.A.A.F., Savannah, Ga. I met SSG Miller who became my Platoon Seargent. He was quite a soldier. Several of we former Rangers would go deer hunting together with SSG Miller. We consistently trained in the event we were ever deployed. Unfortunately, CSM Miller, passed away back in 2005 of pancreatic cancer; caused from agent Orange in Vietnam. He will be forever missed by the soldiers he served with.
Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled “The Armory Life Interviews MACV-SOG’s Major John L. Plaster” and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/the-armory-life-interviews-major-john-l-plaster/.

I missed Vietnam by a few years and after reading many articles about it - and seeing some of my relatives who served and how they react when asked about their experiences - I'm glad I did. I salute Major Plaster and his contemporaries, along with all of our modern warriors. These are the true American heroes and we would do well to heed the lessons they learned the hard way. God bless you, sir.
Nice article. Have read one of Plaster's books on SOG and a few others that had volunteered for SOG. The best books I have read are by a former SOG fella' named Nick Brokhousen. We Few and Whispers in the Tall Grass are the titles. These two books are excellent with no punches pulled, by that they are not PC in anyway. If you spent time in the RVN they will jar some old memories as well as the accounts of the hair raising missions these SF guys pulled off or DIP'd, (Died In Place). DOL fella's!