The One Year Mark!

The mods reaction to the one year mark!!!!
Replying 2½ years later, but just saw this. Even though it was September 2020, I'm glad to have joined in the inaugural year, and that we have this forum! I started as a noob, and to get advice and instruction and life experience from established gun owners is worth its weight in gold.
Hello, everyone. I just want to mark our one year anniversary here on The Armory Life Forum, and thank all of you for being a part of it! From our original members to our newest ones, we appreciate your being here, and look forward to a great 2021!
well i been here since March of 2021....

do I GET a cookie now too........??
well i been here since March of 2021....

do I GET a cookie now too........??
Remember our moms telling us we couldn't have a cookie when we got home from school because it'd spoil our dinner? :LOL: So we went outside to play... baseball, basketball, ride bikes in the mud, hunting squirrels with our slingshots, whatever. We knew when it was dinnertime because the street lights came on. We didn't lock the front door when we walked in the house because we didn't have to. You waved at the sheriff if he drove by because your dad went to school with him. Who used a seat belt? We'd stand on the seat or climb into the back deck where the speakers were in our '70 T-bird with the 429" Thunderjet motor with 4-barrel carb and Posi-rear, and that was the family car. Which was kept unlocked with the keys in the ashtray. My uncle let me sit in his lap at 4 years old and drive his Impala in the 60's, and somehow we survived. Most importantly, our dad's and uncles gave us our first rifles and shotguns and handguns, along with "the speech" (very important of course), and taught us how to shoot. There were ABSOLUTELY ZERO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, DEMS. It wasn't even a thought that it'd happen, and yet as kids we had guns of our own. 2A was understood, respected and embraced. You've destroyed society, integrity, respecting authority and doing what's "right" (let's face it, what God expects), and now the confused depressed suicidal youth have no idea what on earth is going on. Nice.

Yeah, I'd give up that after-school cookie to have that all back.

(Not sure where al that came from, initially I meant the first sentence only, and it all flooded in)