Top 10 Gun Gifts for Shooters

Articles like this are responsible for many uncomfortable gift receiving moments because there are very few universal items that all "gun guys" need or want. My friends at work have an informal contest to see who got the worst hobby-related gift from people who either don't know us very well, or don't know anything about our hobbies. Our winner last year was the guy who's wife got him a very nice AR-15 Magazine loader. It probably wasn't a bad item, but he is an avid duck and quail hunter who has never owned an AR-15.

This isn't a bad list, but some poor handgun owner is going to wind up with a Burris scope because his wife came across this when they googled "gift for gun guy".
Here's my Christmas list for my friends and family in Massachusetts!

These are the only items on the state approved firearms roster there....☹

I could wish for one these items, but my wife leaves this type of buying up to me. I did buy my son a beautiful 03-a3 that came out of a museum for Christmas. He is going to love shooting that old rifle. I am saving up right now to buy a Springfield Echelon. That pistol just talks to me every time I see it.