Top 10 Gun Gifts for Shooters

By Richard Johnson
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Top 10 Gun Gifts for Shooters

December 15th, 2023

10 minute read

The holiday season is upon us once again. If you are looking for the perfect gun gifts for the shooters in your life, I’ve assembled a collection of ideas for your consideration. There’s a good bet that you like Springfield Armory products as much as I do, so here are some great ideas that will fit a range of budgets.

From guns to gear, Springfield Armory has the perfect holiday gift.

1911 Mil Spec Stainless CO2 BB Air Pistol

For the 1911 fan in your life, you might want to consider this air pistol with a realistic weight and accurate controls. Powered by standard CO2 cartridges, the blowback air gun fires .177-cal. BBs from an 18-round magazine. As gifts for a 1911 fan go, this one is a great choice.

springfield 1911 mil spec stainless co2 bb air pistol
A great gift for a gun enthusiast is the gun that doesn’t require a trip to the range. This Springfield 1911 Mil Spec Stainless is a CO2-powered air pistol that fires .177 BBs.

For backyard plinking or realistic training on a budget, this air gun is a great gift. Both BBs and CO2 cartridges are inexpensive. Also, you don’t need to wear ear protection or drive to a shooting range for a little shooting fun with this one.

This 1911 Mil Spec Stainless CO2 BB Air Pistol is made by Air Venturi for Springfield Armory. Air Venturi is one of the largest and best-respected companies in the air gun industry. Having them manufacture the air gun means it will make someone very happy to find it under the tree.

[Read our Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec Air Pistol review for more information.]

Nanuk 985 AR-15 Hard Case

A high-quality hard case is a frequent wish of many gun enthusiasts. If you are looking for a great gift for one, consider the Nanuk 985 designed for the AR-15 rifle.

This hard-bodied gun case is rugged — darn near indestructible — and waterproof. Its shell is made of a very tough NK-7 resin that is lightweight, yet can take a real beating. A PowerClaw latching system locks the case down tight to earn an enviable IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. 

nanuk 985 hard case
The Nanuk 995 is a high-quality hard case set up for AR-15 rifles like the Springfield Armory SAINT. The cases are lockable, have cutouts for up to 8 magazines and smooth rolling wheels.

A pair of polyurethane wheels make for smooth tracking through a lobby or airport, while the soft grip handle eases the burden when you do have to carry it.

Inside the case is PEF closed cell foam designed to cushion a standard up to 36″ long AR-15 rifle with a scope or optic. Additionally, it can store up to eight spare 30-round magazines.

When you purchase this hard case through the Springfield Armory store, it will come with the company’s logo for a custom look.

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Springfield Echelon Handgun

The newest full-size pistol to the Springfield Armory catalog, the Echelon offers a lot for gun enthusiasts. In my mind, it is a standout as a potential Christmas gift this year. 

springfield echeclon with surefire x300 light
The 9mm Echelon takes striker-fired pistol design to the next level. Shown equipped with a Trijicon RMR red dot and Surefire X300 weaponlight. Image: Jake Miller/Springfield Armory

Its innovative design allows for the direct mounting of a wide range of optics, eliminating the need in most cases for adaptor plates. The design also uses a Central Operating Group in a stainless steel chassis. An Echelon owner can drop the Central Operating Group in any compatible frame to change the color, size and look of the gun. The included frame uses the Adaptive Grip Texture, a surface treatment that is proving to be the best handgun texture on the market.

Chambered for the 9mm cartridge, the pistol is suitable for a wide range of defensive and sport uses. It’s at home on the hip of a patrol officer and can be found at pick-up matches all around the country. Likewise, it is a superior choice for home defense.

[Learn more about the Springfield Echelon here.]

Springfield Armory Heavyweight Cotton Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are often written off as “dad” gifts. The reality is heavyweight cotton flannel is an awesome material for winter wear. Be it lounging around the fireplace on Christmas morning or sitting in a tree stand in the early morning hours, this shirt feels and looks good. 

springfield armory cotton flannel shirt christmas gift
Soft and cozy describes the heavyweight cotton flannel shirt from Springfield Armory. It’s the perfect holiday gift for the “gun dad” in your life.

Springfield offers the flannel shirt in a plaid print with winter moss green and black. Special details include Defend Your Legacy hollow snap buttons and a PU leather Springfield Armory logo patch on the left chest pocket. Each arm also has a pen pocket – while common on some tactical or uniform shirts, these handy pockets are uncommon on flannel shirts.

Sizes are available in small through XXX-large. See more of these shirts here

Springfield Hellion with 20″ Barrel

Springfield Armory’s Hellion rifle is an impressive rifle with modern features to make it an exceptional gun for self-defense and law enforcement use. The original Hellion had a 16″ barrel to maximize its compact nature. The brand-new Hellion sports a 20″ barrel to maximize accuracy and velocity.

springfield armory 20 inch hellion
If you like the Hellion, but wished for a longer barrel, Springfield Armory is now offering a model with a 20″ barrel and bayonet lug.

The Hellion is chambered in 5.56 NATO and uses a bullpup configuration, where the action is located behind the trigger. This means the gun is more compact than traditional rifles with a similar length barrel. This model also features a bayonet lug, adding a unique element to its design.

Ambidextrous controls are standard on the Hellion. This includes the safety selector and non-reciprocating charging handle, as well as a reversible ejection system. The rifle’s adjustable gas system, with suppressed and normal modes, adapts to various conditions and ammo availability. Springfield ships the gun with a padded rifle case. With its combination of advanced features, compact design and potent performance, the Springfield Armory Hellion 20″ rifle is a gift that will delight any firearm enthusiast or shooting sport aficionado.

[Read more on the 18″ and 20″ Hellions in this review by Scott Conditt.]

Vaultek Custom LifePod Safe

Responsible storage of your firearms is natural for gun owners. However, having a gun safe when traveling or in your office is not realistic for most people. Enter the Vaultek LifePod.

vaultek pistol case for christmas gift
Waterproof and tamper resistant, the Vaultek LifePod is designed to protect your handgun while keeping it ready for fast access if needed.

The LifePod is a micro-sized lockbox to store your defensive handgun when you are not wearing it. It has a slim, lightweight design that makes it easy to transport. You can slip it into your suitcase or backpack as you head out on a roadtrip. Likewise, you can use it to carry your pistol to the shooting range or even store your CCW pistol in your car if you must disarm for work.

[Read our full review of the Vaultek Lifepod here.]

Vaultek designed the LifePod with a rugged, high-impact polymer shell. It has an airtight gasket that seals the lockbox, making it submersible to 3′ for up to 30 minutes. That means a little rain shower will not cause any issues for your handgun or other valuables carried in this waterproof container. It also floats, so it has definite advantages for use on a boat.

An electronic keypad works with an impact-resistant internal latch to secure the box. Included is a steel security cable to prevent removal of the box when properly secured. The LifePod is also TSA compliant for anyone checking a gun when flying.

[Check out our article on Best Practices for Traveling with Checked Firearms.]

Springfield SA-35 9mm Pistol

Want a superb holiday gift that blends a classic John M. Browning design and modern functionality? The Springfield SA-35 is what you want to check out. This updated version of the venerable P-35 9mm pistol has been met with overwhelming demand due to its performance and superb styling. While maintaining a faithful rendition of the original design, Springfield enhanced the pistol with modern upgrades that make it a dream shooter right out of the box.

The matte blued finish, slim checkered walnut grips and overall look of the SA-35 makes for a retro vibe this holiday season.

The SA-35 sports a matte blue finish with contoured wood grips that reflect the personality of the gun. It is fitted with a “no-bite” ring-style hammer, excellent sights, an extended safety and a trigger that feels so much nicer than the original.

With its combination of aesthetic appeal, historical significance and modern enhancements, the Springfield Armory SA-35 is an ideal gift for those who value both tradition and performance in their firearms.

[Be sure to read our complete SA-35 Review here.]

Threaded Barrels for Your Springfield Armory Pistols

Shooting a pistol with a suppressor is a great deal of fun. To use a suppressor, however, you need a threaded barrel. That’s not a problem for Springfield Armory handgun owners. Springfield offers drop-in replacement barrels for quite a few of its handguns, making the process of adding a suppressor easy.

springfield xdm threaded barrel
The Springfield Armory XD-M threaded barrel is available for 9mm, 10mm and .45 ACP chamberings.

For the XD-M line, the company offers 4.5″ threaded barrels for the 9mm, 10mm and .45 ACP chambered pistols. The barrels drop right in without any need for gunsmithing. If you can clean your gun, you can swap the barrel. Each comes with a screw-on thread protector to prevent damage when a suppressor is not attached.

Springfield’s new duty pistol, the Echelon, is also supported with a threaded barrel option. Like the XD-M barrels, the Echelon barrel is 4.5″ long and drops right in. It too comes with a thread protector.

The Hellcat Pro, one of my all-time favorite pistols, also has an option to add a threaded barrel. Springfield offers the drop-in replacement with a 4.4″ length. It has a screw-on thread protector standard.

springfield hellcat threaded barrel and comp
In addition to a threaded barrel, you can get a self-indexing compensator for your Springfield Hellcat. The comp can reduce muzzle rise helping you get faster follow-up shots.

For the micro-compact Hellcat, Springfield offers a bit of a twist. The kit comes with a 3.8″ threaded barrel and a self-indexing compensator. This is the same amazing comp that the company includes on the RDP handguns. It does an impressive job at reducing muzzle rise without adding unnecessary muzzle flash. The comp is removable should you later want to add a suppressor.

Remember: shooting a suppressed firearm makes for less noise pollution and protects your hearing. As hearing protection goes, it is a great deal of fun for a gun lover. 

Springfield Prodigy Double Stack 1911

The Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy is an exceptional Christmas gift for gun enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate the classic design of a 1911 with modern enhancements. This double-stack 9mm pistol combines the timeless elegance of a 1911 with the increased capacity and performance of a contemporary firearm.

springfield armory prodigy for christmas
With its polymer grip module, double-stack magazine and AOS system, the 1911 DS Prodigy is a robust and capable update to the proven 1911.

Using a double-stack magazine design allows for higher capacity for shooting sports, home defense or law enforcement use. Included are a flush-fit 17-round magazine and an extended 20-rounder. Additionally, 26-round magazines available. 

The Prodigy’s reliability and performance are further underscored by its successful completion of a grueling 10,000-round torture test, demonstrating its exceptional durability and consistent operation. It features a crisp, single-action trigger, ambidextrous manual safety and an extended beavertail grip safety, ensuring both safety and comfort during use.

The pistol is optics-ready, thanks to its Agency Optic System (AOS) plate system, making it versatile for different shooting preferences. With its forged carbon steel slide and hammer-forged stainless steel barrel, the Prodigy is not only robust but also aesthetically pleasing. Gifting the Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy this Christmas means offering a blend of tradition, innovation and reliability – a perfect choice for any firearm enthusiast.

Desert FDE Hellcat OSP

Looking for a Christmas gift for those who appreciate a blend of style, performance and concealability in their firearms? Take a gander at the Desert FDE Hellcat OSP. This micro-compact 9mm handgun from Springfield Armory stands out as the best micro-compact pistol on the market designed for CCW.

hellcat fde for christmas gift
Compact and powerful, the Desert FDE Hellcat packs in 11+1 rounds of 9mm with the flush magazine (shown with included pinky extension floorplate installed).

With its 11+1 round capacity with a flush fitting magazine (13+1 with the included extended magazine,) it is a leader in its class. Springfield Armory’s Adaptive Grip Texture ensures a firm and reliable grip in any condition, whether it’s raining, or your hands are just sweaty on a hot summer range day. With the pistol’s ability to accept direct-mounted red dot sights, the gun is a great choice for everyday carry.

I like the Desert FDE finish of the Hellcat as it offers practical concealment advantages when paired with lighter-colored clothing here in Florida. The finish looks good, too. Contrasting black controls further enhance the visual appeal. Even when loaded, the gun is relatively lightweight. My Hellcat OSP FDE demonstrates impressive accuracy and has been completely reliable. I believe the Springfield Armory Hellcat in Desert FDE is a gift that will surely be appreciated by any gun enthusiast or CCW permit holder.

[Get additional information on the Hellcat FDE here.]


So there you have it, a round-up of 10 top holiday gift ideas from Springfield Armory. From the Hellion rifle to the Hellcat 9mm and much more, Springfield Armory and the Springfield Armory Webstore have everything you need.

Last Update: December 13, 2023

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