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Wayne van ZwollAuthor

Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em: Peters Paper Shells Are Back

#Gear 05-12-22

Story of the .30-06: America’s Cartridge

#Guns 11-13-21

The Story of Leupold: A Foundation in Focus

#Gear 10-10-21

Best Rifle Scope for Deer Hunting

#Gear #Hunting 09-27-21

Wet Tumbling Brass with the Lyman Cyclone

#Gear 09-03-21

What Is a Ching Sling?

#Gear 08-27-21

History of U.S. Military Handgun Rounds

#Guns 08-24-21

What Is the Best AR Caliber for Hunting?

#Guns #Hunting 08-15-21

The Evolution of U.S. Military Rifle Cartridges

#Guns 08-03-21
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The Problem with Parallax

#Gear 07-18-21

Wood & Steel: My Crush Rifle

#Guns 06-18-21

Everything You Need to Know About Red Dots

#Gear 05-14-21

Handloads for Semi-Auto Rifles vs. Bolt-Guns

#Gear 03-21-21

7.62 NATO vs. .308: Is There a Difference?

#Gear 10-30-20

5.56 vs. .223: Which Can I Shoot?

#Gear 10-14-20

Rifle Scopes: Terms You Need to Know

#Gear 10-05-20

See The Way: Springfield Armory Model 2020 Waypoint

#Hunting 09-29-20

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