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Todd BurgreenAuthor

Balisong: What Is a Butterfly Knife?

By Todd Burgreen

#Gear 11-19-22

Adept Armor NovaSteel Review: Taking Armor from Medieval to Modern

By Todd Burgreen

#Gear 03-14-22

Fighting Off a Gun Grab: Do You Need a Fixed Blade Knife?

By Todd Burgreen

#Gear #Skills 01-05-22

Eberlestock G2 Gunslinger II: Multi-Role Tactical Backpack Review

By Todd Burgreen

#Gear 09-19-21

Are Crimson Trace Riflescopes Right For You?

By Todd Burgreen

#Gear 05-16-21

Bear OPS AC-300: Is Auto Right For You?

By Todd Burgreen

#EDC 04-05-21

ALPS OutdoorZ Hybrid X Review: Versatile Meat-Hauler & Day Pack

By Todd Burgreen

#Gear #Hunting 03-19-21

BOG Hunting Gear: Not Just Shooting Sticks

By Todd Burgreen

#Gear #Hunting 12-25-20

XD-M Elite 4.5″: Ultimate XD Evolution?

By Todd Burgreen

#Guns 08-06-20
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Viridian E-Series Hellcat Red Laser

By Todd Burgreen

#Gear 06-26-20

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16

By Todd Burgreen

#Guns 02-24-20

On the Hunt with the Victor .308

By Todd Burgreen

#Hunting 02-19-20

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