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Yamil SuedAuthor

ProMag Archangel M1A Stock Review

By Yamil Sued

#Guns 04-14-24

Review: Blackhawk Stache IWB Premium Holster Kit

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 03-08-24

Installing a Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock

By Yamil Sued

#Skills 02-18-24

Review: Hellcat Pro 4.4” Threaded Barrel Kit

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 01-19-24

Range Test: Federal Punch 9mm Hellcat Ammo Review

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 01-15-24

Hornady Critical Defense 9mm Review: Self-Defense Ammo for CCW

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 07-17-23

Blackhawk Custom Holsters and Accessories

By Yamil Sued

#EDC #Gear 02-11-22

Gel Testing Federal Personal Defense Punch .45

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 01-07-22

DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard for the Emissary

By Yamil Sued

#EDC #Gear 11-26-21
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Review: Mitch Rosen 5JR Express Holster for the Emissary 1911

By Yamil Sued

#EDC #Gear 10-23-21

More Custom Upgrades for the Springfield Armory XD

By Yamil Sued

#Guns 07-29-21

Review: Apex Tactical XD-S Mod.2 Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 07-20-21

Gel Testing Federal Hydra-Shok Deep .380

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 05-30-21

Customizing the Ronin 1911

By Yamil Sued

#Guns 01-24-21

Springer Precision Custom XD

By Yamil Sued

#Gear #Guns 06-29-20

Norma MHP: What’s a Monolithic Hollow Point?

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 06-25-20

Is This the Best 1911 To Buy?

By Yamil Sued

#Guns 06-17-20

Meet the TRP Operator

By Yamil Sued

#Guns 03-08-20

10mm Ballistic Gel Testing

By Yamil Sued

#Gear 01-27-20

Best Beginner’s 9mm?

By Yamil Sued

#Guns 01-22-20

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