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Steve TaraniAuthor

Surviving the Knockout Game

#Survival 02-01-21

Beating the Psychological Refractory Period

#Skills 01-10-21

When Your Gun Can’t Beat a Knife

#Skills 11-18-20

The Anywhere Defense: Impact Weapon Tactics

#Skills 09-10-20

Controlling Your Fear

#Skills 07-29-20

Control Your Battle Space

#Skills 06-03-20

Weapons of Opportunity

#Skills 03-19-20

Expert Tips for Accurate Shooting

#Skills 10-20-19

Get the Perfect Gun Grip

#Skills 10-06-19
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Self Defense Evolution – From Fists to EDC Pistols

#EDC 08-11-19

Cut Your Reaction Time

#Skills 07-28-19

Take The Curve

#Skills 05-25-19

Good Form

#Skills 05-13-19

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