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Jeremy TrempAuthor

M1A Mods: Making a Custom Rifle

#Gear #Guns 07-14-21

Suppressing the M1A SOCOM 16 CQB

#Gear 05-19-21

Waypoint Goes to Precision Rifle School

#Skills 05-06-21

Range Time with the SAINT Victor .308

#Guns 04-26-21

A Warrior’s Armor: The M1A SAGE EBR Stock

#Guns 04-15-21

SecureIt’s Stealth Safe? The “Answer” Model 12 Pro

#Gear 04-02-21

ER Tactical Pistol Training

#Skills 03-14-21

All-Weather Truck Vault Review: The Ultimate EDC Back-Up?

#Gear 02-26-21

Wringing Out the XD-M Elite Tactical OSP

#Guns #Skills 12-29-20
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Can You Make a Sub-1-Second Shot?

#Skills 12-24-20

End a Home Invasion Before It Starts

#Skills 10-26-20

The Armory Life Interviews: Rob Orgel of ER Tactical

#Skills 10-23-20

Taking the M1A to 1,000 Yards

#Guns #Skills 10-12-20

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