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Michael MillsAuthor

First Look: Springfield Armory 9mm 1911 Operator

By Michael Mills

#Guns 05-11-23

Vortex Defender-CCW Torture Test: How Tough Is This Red Dot?

By Michael Mills

#Gear 04-23-23

Comp-Tac CT3: Level 3 Duty Holster for the XD-M

By Michael Mills

#Gear 04-16-23

Bushnell RXS-250 Review: A New Age of Red Dot Optics?

By Michael Mills

#Gear 04-09-23

Springfield Armory Boxer Apogee Belt Review: When Fit Matters

By Michael Mills

#Gear 03-31-23

Do You Think the 1911 Is the Worst Gun for Cops?

By Michael Mills

#Guns 03-02-23

Discreet Defense: Vertx Ready Pack 2.0 Review

By Michael Mills

#Gear 11-14-22

T-Shirt Body Armor? Spartan Armor Systems Ghost Concealment Shirt

By Michael Mills

#Gear 10-14-22

Fitness & Shooting: The Secrets You Don’t Know

By Michael Mills

#Skills 09-24-22
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Shield RMSx Review: Testing the Tiny Titan

By Michael Mills

#Gear 09-11-22

Fixing Your Firing Grip After an Injury

By Michael Mills

#Skills 08-31-22

Review: Timney’s Daniel Horner Signature Two-Stage Adjustable AR Trigger

By Michael Mills

#Gear 08-05-22

Review: Swampfox Kentucky Long Scope

By Michael Mills

#Gear 07-29-22

Review: Blackout Defense Zero Drop-In AR Trigger

By Michael Mills

#Gear 07-23-22

Slow Down to Speed Up: The Secret To Effective Pistol Presentations

By Michael Mills

#Skills 06-20-22

Tricking Out Your SAINT: Top AR Customizations

By Michael Mills

#Guns 06-06-22

Transition Drill: What Do You Do If Your Rifle Goes Down?

By Michael Mills

#Skills 06-03-22

Emergency Shooting Positions: Are You Ready?

By Michael Mills

#Skills 05-14-22

Review: Streamlight TLR-7 Sub and the Hellcat

By Michael Mills

#Gear 04-11-22

Review: Cloud Defensive LCS and Streamlight HLX Kit

By Michael Mills

#Gear 03-30-22

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