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Michael MillsAuthor

Swampfox Arrowhead LPVO: Going the Distance at 10X

#Gear 08-13-21

Pushing It Farther: Review of the Riton 3 Tactix 1-8X

#Gear 07-11-21

SAINT Victor vs. Steel-Cased Ammo: What Broke?

#Guns 06-24-21

Review: Valhalla Tactical Offset Red Dot Rukh Mount

#Gear 06-16-21

Hidden Hybrid Hellcat Appendix Carry Holster

#Gear 06-13-21

Review: Rise Armament Rave 140 Trigger

#Gear 06-05-21

Can You Shoot the String?

#Skills 05-08-21

Valhalla Red Dot Offset Hanger Mount Review

#Gear 03-15-21

Streamlight TLR-9 Review: Do Lumens & Candelas Matter?

#Gear 03-05-21
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Can You Threat-Focus Shoot?

#Skills 01-14-21

It Eats Polymer & Steel: The Blackhawk Omnivore

#Gear 10-01-20

Greedy People’s Gun: XD-M Elite Tactical OSP

#Guns 08-27-20

The Soul of the SAINT Victor B5

#Guns 08-07-20

A Baer of a Drill

#Skills 07-22-20

Recover Tactical 1911 Grip & Rail System

#Gear 06-19-20

Do You Dot Torture?

#Skills 05-22-20

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