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T. Logan MeteshAuthor

Lewis and Clark’s Air Gun

#Guns 11-09-21

Top Springfield XD-M Holsters

#EDC #Gear 09-08-21

Hanging Fire: Top 5 Failed Ammo Tech

#Gear 07-08-21

Who Was the Godfather of Milsurp?

#Guns 06-08-21

Would the Founding Fathers Have Banned “Assault Weapons”?

#Guns 03-25-21

Brakes, Comps & Flash Hiders: A Guide To Muzzle Devices

#Gear 03-13-21

Patton & the Garand: “Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised”

#Guns 12-28-20

The Most Important Gun in American History?

#Guns 10-13-20

Was John Moses Browning Overrated?

#Guns 09-22-20
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Can You Bulletproof Your Head?

#Gear 08-03-20

10mm for Self Defense: Is It Too Powerful?

#Guns 07-03-20

When a 1911 Shot Down a Japanese Zero

#Guns 06-23-20

My Gunsite Pilgrimage

#Skills 03-20-20

What Did Santa Forget?

#Gear 12-25-19

Best 1911 Buy, Ever?

#Guns 12-14-19

Is This the Future of the 1911?

#Guns 11-16-19

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