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Travis PikeAuthor

When a Fast Draw Is a Mistake

#Skills 07-15-20

A Folding Stock M1A? The Delta 14 Chassis

#Gear 07-09-20

Blue Force Gear & the SOCOM 16 CQB

#Gear 06-22-20

First Look: Vickers Tactical Master Class 1911

#Guns 06-08-20

How Do I Work My New AR?

#Skills 06-04-20

First Look: SAINT Victor Pistol .308

#Guns 04-28-20

No Second Place Winner

#Skills 04-23-20

“Top Freakin’ Notch” — XD-M Elite Precision

#Guns 04-17-20

Principles of Personal Defense

#Skills 04-10-20
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Cirillo’s “Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights”

#Skills 02-20-20

Book Review: Seeklander’s Defensive Rifle Training

#Skills 02-10-20

Wrong Gun for Home Defense?

#Skills 01-24-20

Surviving Incoming Fire Drill

#Skills 01-06-20

Top 5 Hellcat Holsters

#Gear 12-09-19

Shoot Like a MEU(SOC) Marine

#Skills 10-30-19

Black Hawk Down VTAC Shooting Drill

#Skills 10-23-19

Learn to CQB Shoot Like a Marine

#Skills 08-30-19

Cover – A Missing Training Element

#Skills 06-09-19

Hunting with a Handgun

#Skills 05-09-19

Long Range Handgunning with the 10mm

#Skills 05-02-19

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